How to Use Stackable Lashes Effectively

Whether you are planning for a wedding, a special reception at work, or a night out, you always want to do all you can to make sure all of your makeup looks its best. You do all you can to make everything perfect, but you really want the look of eyes to stand out this time, so people take notice. You have tried false eyelashes in the past, and they look good, but you just wish you could get a bit more “pop” from your lashes, so they looked fuller and stunning. Now might be a good time for you to consider stacking your false eyelashes. When you shop with us at busty lash bar, you can also learn how to use stackable lashes that are easy and look great!

Choose Your Lashes First

The first step before you stack lashes is to select the false eyelashes that you want to use to create the look you want. While all of our lashes are stackable in one way or another, different lashes will provide different looks for you when they are stacked. Decide just what type of look you are going for this time out. You can choose lashes that will provide you with a boost in lash volume without being overly dramatic, or you can mix different shapes together, so you get looks like a fuller look towards the edges of your eyes.

How to use Stackable Lashes

Once you have your look, it is time to start using the stackable lashes you have. Stack one of the lashes on top of the other and press the bands together so that they adhere to one another. Be sure to line up the ends of the lashes so that they look correct. Place the stacked lashes against your natural eyelash line and see how the lashes look to you before you apply any adhesive to keep them in place. Looking first lets you decide if the look is right for you or if you need to trim the length of the lashes to fit the look you want. All you need to do then is apply adhesive to the false lash band and apply and press the band firmly down on your lash line.

Buying the Best Stackable Lashes

To get the best stackable lashes that can provide you with the perfect look you want for any occasion, you want to see the lashes we have available at busty lash bar. You can see the fine selection that we offer when you visit our website at You can choose which lashes you want and order directly from the site and have them shipped to you, so you have the lashes that will provide you with the best look.